Oct 4, 2021 - Oct 10, 2021

Shaman~ Realm Walker

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Shaman > Realm Walker > One Who Sees in the Dark > Wise One. The SHAMAN is a GateKeeper of Earth Wisdom & Medicine and a Traveller of the Realms. In this session we will look at the wisdom and medicine of the Shaman Archetype and Core Shamanic Tools. There is a deep and wise ancient wisdom and medicine for those that are called to this path. The Shaman Archetype is awakening on the planet. The earth itself beckons for the return of the Shaman. What lies in this sacred medicine? What earth portals call you to travel through? In this session we will deepen into this wisdom. We will journey to its cave and see what lies beyond. Workshop Session is approx. 2hrs via Zoom Call. The Replay will be posted the following day in your Program Portal. Zoom Link will be emailed as a reminder. It will also be posted in your Program Portal on the day of the workshop.

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Roberta Robbins
Roberta Robbins


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