Oct 14, 2021 - Oct 20, 2021

Power Animal~ Protector & Guide

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We all walk with a Power Animal that is a guide, teacher and protector. They remind us of our unique sacred medicine, our gifts, personality traits, and our light and shadow sides. They help us to embody our personal power. They are there as a guide and protector as we walk through this human life, but also as we journey through other realms. In this session we will look at and explore how your power animal will help you explore your Sacred medicine, but also guide you to the Earth Portal that will lead you to so much more. Workshop Session is approx. 2hrs via Zoom Call. The Replay will be posted the following day in your Program Portal. Zoom Link will be emailed as a reminder. It will also be posted in your Program Portal on the day of the workshop.

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Roberta Robbins
Roberta Robbins


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