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The Shaman Within ~ Foundations Training

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Do you walk with the Shaman Archetype? Do you feel the sacred medicine of the Shaman within? If so, you are invited to step into the Foundations of the Shaman Within. Program Includes: ~Discover the benefits of working with the Realm Walker and the Archetypal Medicine of the Shaman, Medicine Woman & Sage. ~Discover the practices, methodologies and cosmologies of the Shaman. ~Explore the Earth Medicine's Sacred Tools used for Divination and Healing. ~Learn how to safely journey to the Upper, Lower & Middle Worlds and reconnect with your Power Animal and Spirit Guides. ~Learn how to embody this sacred medicine path as a the practice to help deepen your spiritual practice, awaken your intuitive abilities, to gain personal power and sacred wisdom that lies beyond our ordinary world. ~How to open of Sacred Space. ~Description of the roles of Modern Day Shamanism & Cross Cultural Shamanism ~Exploring the difference between Power/Spirit/Messenger/Totem/Birthplace/Clan Animals. ~Power Animal Retrieval ~Connect with your Spirit Guides ~Experience the different Realms energies, landscape, guidance and healing. ~Learn about the importance of building a sacred relationship with your helping spirits. ~Deepen your own intuitive abilities and healing gifts. ~Discussion of divination tools & exercises to develop your intuitive & channeling abilities. ~Integrations and applied practice. ~Ways to support your community, clients & friends with Journeying. 7 Trainings Calls + Applied Practice

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  • Roberta Robbins

    Roberta Robbins


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