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Feb 19, 2024 - May 10, 2024

Cosmic Earth Weaver Path ~'Sacred Rhythms' Program

  • 82Days
  • 18Steps


You are invited to step upon the Cosmic Earth Weaver Path....and embody the Sacred Rhythms of Life. This is a coming home to to natural rhythms and wisdom of the Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun (fire) and Cosmic Realms. This is the path of the Sacred Weaver, Witch, Shaman, Goddess, Priestess, and Animist. For those that seek deep wisdom and guidance of walking in harmony with with nature, elements, animals, seasons, moon cycles, and cosmic dance. This 12 week journey weaves in Roberta Robbins' Intuitive Soul Astrology, Teachings of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Sacred Medicine Wheels, Moon Wisdom, Archetypal Guides and Sacred Mirrors, Ceremonies, Rituals and Guided Journeys. This program will happen over 12 weeks. Calls via zoom on Wednesdays at 7pm est. Classes are approx. 60-90 min long. with 5 Q&A + Mentoring Calls on Fridays at 12pm est. Here is the flow and content of the program >> ✨Week One- Intro/Opening Journey +Medicine Wheel Teaching ✨Week Two- The Celtic Wheel of the Year Teaching ✨Week Three- Journey of the Wheels and Embodiment Codes ✨Week Four- Moon Wisdom ✨Week Five- Sacred practices, Rituals, Ceremony ✨Week Six- Your Cosmic Blueprint -Natal Chart Navigation ✨Week Seven- Zodiac Wheel ✨Week Eight- Celestial Planets ✨Week Nine- Cosmic Houses ✨Week Ten- Sacred Archetypes ✨Week Eleven- Integration/Alchemy/Sacred Weaver (pre-order journey and soul reflection journaling) ✨Week Twelve- Beltane & Closing Ceremony (call will be at an earlier time, as I will be ireland, time TBA) All classes and Mentoring Calls are recorded and placed in a private Members Portal for the program, for you to access when needed. Plus all PDFs, Journeys and resources. Your teacher, mentor and creator of this program is Roberta Robbinsfor over a decade. This program is a Foundational Program, part of the Cosmic Earth Weaver Path. Nancy Read, a past grad of the Intuitive Astrology program will be assisting Roberta and supporting students.

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