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Sacred Remembering

Where Sacred Journeys Guide You Home

~Mabon Portal~


September 23rd ~ 29th 2022

Your Sacred Wisdom Awaits You...and the Realms of the Sidhe, The Ancients Ones are Calling You Home!

Are Your Ready To Embrace, Empower & Embody

Your Sacred Medicine?

Is your mystical soul and cosmic heart seeking EXPANSION  and TRANSFORMATION?

Do you desire to learn how to JOURNEY to SACRED REALMS?

Do you seek to remember ANCIENT WISDOM?

Are you ready to reclaim your POWER, TRUTH and SACRED MEDICINE?


Come celebrate Mabon ~ Autumn Equinox in Ireland

Calling all Cosmic Earth Weavers, Witchy Shamanas, & Sacred Wise Ones...

I have returned to the mystical emerald isle of Ireland, where I am deeply immersing myself into the wisdom, power and magick of this land.

This visit for me was a time of POWERFUL INITIATIONS, journeys to OTHER REALMS and MYSTICAL TRANSFORMATION.

It is time to share this with you and to embrace this sacred and mystical land. To connect with sacred sites of Ireland, prepare you for the Fire Festival, journey with the ancestors and take in the wisdom of this land.

It is time for those that are feeling the call to step into their truth and magick.


This personal deep dive "Mabon Soul Journey" will connect you with your sacred truth, wisdom and power.

You will connect with various Sacred Sites, Mystical Teachings, Portals & the Elementals that will offer teachings, healing and activations:


The Sacred East

*Hill of  Tara ~

Masculine/Feminine/Faeries/Trees Spirits/Portals

*Boyne Valley River ~ Release & Blessings

Boann River Goddess/Water Journey 

*Bective Abbey ~Reflection & Transition

*LoughCrew / The Witches' Mountain /

Hag's Chair ~


/Power Journey


The Sacred West

*Ashford Castle & Gardens

*Cong Village & Woodlands

*Connemara Wonders

*Kylemore Abbey

*Tournakeady Waterfalls

Can you hear the whispers of...
the trees...
the stones...
the hills...
the rivers...
the fields...
Calling you HOME?

Immerse yourself in this year's 'Samhain Soul Journey' event!

There will be a mix of workshops, healing, sacred circles, mentoring and personal Initiations to embody the wisdom and magick of the Spirit of Ireland, and to awaken and reclaim your Soul Power.

You will also receive, rites and initiations from Cailleach, Cerridwen,

Sheela-Na-Gig, Tlachagta, and the Sidhe Realm.

Among all the wonderful sites, initiations, festivals and sacred circles, there will be times of rest, reflection and connecting with each other and sharing our stories, wisdom and experiences!

This sacred Samhain Journey is for a small group of people that feel this calling deep in their souls. This event is a powerful initiation for the next journey on your soul's path.

Before you commit, I will have a call with each of you that is feeling the call to join us on this journey. Each participant is Approved for this Samhain Journey. It is VERY important that everyone is on the same path and have the same intention for this Samhain Soul Journey experience.

Daily Sacred Flow:

~Sacred Spiral Practice

~Morning Meditative Writing

~Shamanic Weaver Journeys

~Elemental Sacred Practice

Celtic Cosmic Earth Portals:

~Hill of Tara Portal

-Mabon/Autumn Equinox Portal

-Libra New Moon Portal

-Honouring Your Ancestors Ceremony

-Mabon Portal Journey

-Celebration Dinner 

Questions to ask yourself....

Do you feel a deep calling to rediscover your soul wisdom and sacred roots?

Are you ready to step more deeply and firmly on the path of power, wisdom, and mystery?

Are you ready to receive the blessings, wisdom and initiations of the Ancient Ones of Ireland?

Do you desire to connect with others on this same hold sacred space and witness their transformation?

Are you ready to step into the unknown?

Are you excited and nervous...yet soulfully hear the call home?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these... then It is time Dear One!


Your Sacred Samhain Soul Journey Awaits You!

What's Included:

  • Sacred Circles ~ Samhain New Moon ~Honouring Your Ancestors Ceremony & more

  • Rituals and Ceremonies to heal, awaken and reclaim.

  • Sacred Medicine Path Workshops

  • Sacred Initiations, Rites & Soul Journeys

  • Sacred Teachings of Mystical Ireland

  • Guest Teachers to guide and support you on this Samhain Soul Journey

  • Sacred Site Fees

  • Teachings and activations on Awakening the Wisdom Woman ~ Crone ~ Cailleach within.

  • Plus, support and guidance leading up to the Journey in Ireland. Private FB group to support you.

  • Live Mentoring Group calls. (these will be recorded if you can't make it to the Live Call)
    ...and I'm sure extra special gifts and experiences will await us all!

Your Sacred Ireland Journey Guide & Facilitator
~Roberta Robbins~

~Roberta's soul passion is to ignite the sacred wisdom that is within each of us. She invites you join this year's Sacred Samhain Soul Journey Event in Ireland, to unlock and awaken the sacred wisdom and medicine that is within YOU!


Roberta Robbins is a dedicated coach, mentor, healer, sacred medicine weaver and wisdom seeker.  Her passion is to inspire and empower others to remember and reclaim their innate wisdom and sacred medicine.  Roberta has been an Integrated Holistic and Spiritual Practitioner for over 20 years. 

Through her own life experiences, extensive travels and education, she has journeyed down the path of the wounded healer.  A spiritual warrior, she knows the work one must undergo to heal, grow and to live a life with purpose and passion. Her personal journey has empowered her to share her healing path and sacred wisdom with others.  She has travelled to various sacred sites around the world and has worked with Medicine Women, Shamans and Wisdom Keepers.  She has learned and received many valuable lessons and teachings, that she uses to create an abundant and successful life.  She is passionate about sharing these teachings and tools with others.  Helping to support and guide them in their own self healing so they can reclaim their joy, vitality and life purpose.

“My passion is to offer you guidance and healing in remembering and reclaiming your authentic power, vitality and wisdom.  As a Sacred Medicine Woman, I am here to be a wisdom keeper and light bearer.  To support you on your journey and to assist you in discovering your own sacred medicine in the world.  It is my heartfelt desire to share and offer guidance from the wisdom I have gained through my own personal journey of spiritual healing and soul travels.  I offer you a sacred space for you to feel safe and supported, where you can receive the wisdom and healing that your soul is seeking.”​

~Roberta Robbins~'Sacred Medicine Weaver'

If you have any questions regarding our September 2022 Sacred Remembering Journey in Ireland, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: +353 083 114 6300


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