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Current Offerings


Sacred Soul Coaching & Mentoring

Dreams are born within each Mindful Sacred Breath

Start Your Soul Journey

By requesting our complimentary call to design a program that best supports your goals.

Email- info@robertarobbins.com

Do you have big dreams?

Are you seeking support and guidance on achieving your goals?

Do you need someone to help you clarify and keep you on your path?  

Your big goals, sparkling dreams and soulful passions in this life need a strong foundation, confident support and a map to have the life you deeply desire. These are some of the many reasons people have coaches and mentors. You need a cheering section, a wise teacher and a guide.  

Book your Coaching Discovery session today.  Roberta has been in the counselling, spiritual mentoring and holistic life coaching field for over 20 years. In the first session ‘Light Your Path' Roberta will help you become clearer and more focused on your big goals. She will work with you on discovering the path you should be on to reach your dreams. From this first session, you can choose to move into a coaching and mentoring program that best fits your lifestyle and the speed of your journey on the path to your dreams!  4 month/7 month/12 month programs available. Session would count as credit towards cost of a Coaching & Mentoring Program.


Soul Sessions

A combination of Integrated Energy & Intuitive Medicine Modalities


A unique session which is intuitively guided for your highest good in the present moment. Looking at what you need on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.


A session starts with a conversation... together we uncover where you are at in the moment, what has called you in for this Soul Session, your intention to how you want to feel and live, as well as the healing and guidance that I can offer to assist you in your wellness journey. Sessions may include one or more of the following modalities: reiki, intuitive energy healing, shamanic healing, sacred healing wisdom traditions and coaching. 


Shamanism & Sacred Medicine

Soul Healing / Power Retrieval /

Spiritual Extractions / Spirit Medicine


Shamanic Healing is a specialized form of sacred healing. Roberta has been a Shamanic Practitioner and Sacred Medicine Weaver for the past 15 years. She works with her own team of compassionate Spirits to assist with the retrieval of lost, fragmented or dis-empowered parts of your soul. This often happens during trauma to the body, mind and/or spirit.  Roberta also helps with clearing unwanted spiritual energies that no longer serve you or belong to others. These can even be from past lives or from your generational and ancestral lineage.


Soul Wisdom Reading

Connect with Your Soul Wisdom, Spiritual Realm and Guides to Seek Healing and Compassionate Support on Your Soul Journey


Your Spirit Family is always with you, ready to offer you guidance and healing.

Are you seeking support and guidance with your life purpose, relationships, career and personal healing?

Do you want to get to know and build a relationship with passed on loved ones or your own personal tribe?


Then a Soul Reading session is for you. Roberta is a Spiritual and Evidential Medium as well as an intuitive Psychic. She is a practicing Shamanic Practitioner who uses her own Spirit Tribe and Journeying to receive wisdom and healing for others. Roberta starts her sessions with an energy clearing, prayer & grounding. This helps her and the client connect and welcome in compassionate & helping Spirits. Spirits that often step in for a session, are people who have passed on from this life, ancestral guides, spirit guides, ascended masters and teachers, archangels and guardian angels, animals and nature spirits.  They step forth to bring you information about your present life, your past and your future.  Roberta is clairvoyant (see’s spirit), clairsentient (feels spirit), clairaudient (hears spirit) and claircognizant (clear knowing). Roberta works mostly as a Medium and uses her psychic abilities when called for. Roberta often uses gifts of Remote Viewing and Shamanic Journeying to work within other realms to help guide and heal others.


Sacred Soul Design / Sacred Contracts

Your Soul Design or Sacred Contracts you have with Others through the wisdom of Numerology, Astrology and Sacred Medicine Wisdom


Want to know your personal soul forecast for the month, season or year?

Book a session and discover your Soul Map of your Cosmic, Seasonal and Mystical rhythms and cycles. Learn when to best navigate your own ebbs and flows of careers, relationships and personal soul care. The session includes print out of your Cosmic Influences, Your Life Path Number, Your Personal Season and Year. Along with a mapping tool to track your own sacred energy and flow throughout each month. : 


Soul Mapping Package is comprised of 4 parts. 

  1. Receive your Sacred Soul Design, along with Audio/video guide

  2. Review and go through your Soul Design with you.

  3. Learn how to navigate and embody this new wisdom into your life, using ritual, sacred practice, healing, mentoring and sacred soul tools.

  4. Follow up 30 min session also included after first 30 days of Personal Practice and Integration.

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