The Path of the Sacred Medicine Weaver


Come, rekindle,  reawaken  and remember the wisdom of your Sacred & Infinite Soul Self !

The Sacred Medicine Weaver


We are wise, sacred and mystical beings, intimately connected with the natural and spiritual world around us. We are living in times where strengthening these bonds and deepening into the truth, alive within our hearts is critically important.  

~Do you feel this deep calling within?

~Do you notice a gentle draw towards really listening to your own innate wisdom?

~Do you find yourself observing the rhythms and cycles of the earth and its seasons?

~Do you linger in the light of the moon and wonder what medicine it might hold for you?

Whether you may already be aware of your own sacred soul medicine, or you are just at the start of your journey - the Path of the Sacred Medicine Weaver will guide you deeper into your own inner wisdom.


Your personal development is not linear, it is like a spiral labyrinth, weaving and winding its way into the centre of your being, and then back out again into the world. The Path of the Sacred Medicine Weaver will give you tools, practices and a community of support that will serve as a guiding compass to navigate your inner labyrinth.


On this path, you can heal, remember and receive the full spectrum of wisdom that is ever present in your heart and soul.


On this path, you can reconnect with your ancestral and spiritual lineages. 


On this path, you will be supported, as you choose to leave behind old paradigms of fear, scarcity and doubt and step joyfully into an expansion of love, abundance and trust.


Are You Ready to Take Your Sacred Medicine Journey to a Deeper Level?

~ Sacred Soul Weaver ~

Year-Long Online Soul Journey Program

Now Accepting Applications for Enrollment

Are you ready to take your Sacred Medicine and Soul Journey to the next level?


Are you ready to alchemize your Sacred Medicine Wisdom into Cosmic Keys to activate the Gateway to your infinite Soul Self?

Then you are invited to apply to the 'Sacred Soul Weaver' year-long journey.

Together we will journey through the Wheel of the Year, move through ancient portals of activation, and celebrate your Soul Journey.

It is time to take the next Leap of Faith into the unknown. It is time to uplevel your life in order to fully understand, explore and claim your Cosmic Heart and know your Infinite True Soul Self.

Your Sacred Medicine is of this Earth is the wisdom that will lead you back to your Infinite Soul Self.

You will learn to create rituals and ceremonies connected to the Sabbats, Seasons, Moon Cycles and Sacred Sites, as well as layer and weave the wisdom of these teachings into your personal life.

You will face your Sacred Mirrors, befriend the Archetypes within you and learn various methods of journey work, to access hidden sacred medicine, personal power and wisdom.

As a part of this Sacred Year Journey you are also invited to participate in either the Sacred Sacred Soul Beltane Journey in Ireland or The Mystical Realms of Merlin the Mage in England.


Year Journey

13 Moon




Ritual Ceremony



& Realms

Sacred Mirrors

Ancestral & Soul Lineage

Sacred Sites Pilgrimages

The Journey Begins October 21st, 2019

Now Accepting Enrolment Applications for Sacred Soul Weaver program.

** This Sacred Soul Journey is for those that are ready to their wisdom and personal soul growth to the next level! **


Sacred Soul Weaver Journey


12 months of in depth Sacred Portal Teachings that corresponds with the natural flow of The Wheel of the Year and it's 8 Fire and Solar Festivals, The 13 Moon Cycle, Cosmic Influences and Your Sacred Medicine Mirrors and Gateways.

~Welcome Live Call with Initiation into The Sacred Soul Weaver Journey

~8 Live Group Coaching/Mentoring Calls (2 per season)

~Workbooks, Teaching Videos, Audios & PDFs

 ~4 One-on- One Coaching/Mentoring Sessions (1 per season)

~Guided Meditations, Portal & Gateway Activations

~Rituals and Sacred Tools for each of the 8 Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year

~Zodiac Wisdom & their Dance with the Moon Cycles

~Journey Work, Lucid Dreaming, Witch Walking & Soul Travel

~Create Your Books of Power & Wisdom

~Divination & Intuitive Empowerment

~Tools to Integrate Your Personal Power

~Creating Sacred Boundaries in Relationships in All Realms

~Reclaiming your Forgotten Wisdom & Medicine

~Guest Teachers for Sacred Teachings /Mentoring

~Closing Live Call & Celebration >  >  >

(Program Completion Bonus- An invitation to join us live in Ireland  to celebrate Samhain & Full Blue Moon on Oct. 31st, 2020!)

~Access to Sacred Medicine Path Archives and Wisdom Seeker Subscription

~Weekly Sacred Practice Prompts, Rituals & Self Care Remedies

~Moon & Wheel of the Year Calendar 2020

~Astrological Energetic Updates

~Special Pricing for Live Events eg. circles/workshops/retreats

~Member's Only Website to Access Program Content

~Private FB Group to Receive Extra Support & Content

Sacred Soul Weaver Program Cost ~ $2222 cad

Payments Plans Available 

The Journey Begins October 21st, 2019

Now Accepting Enrollment Applications for Sacred Soul Weaver program.

Erollment Closes Fri. Oct. 11th 2019

Limit Spots Available for this Program.

Roberta Robbins

Meet Your Soul Journey Facilitator

roberta pic business card.jpg

Roberta Robbins is a powerful and compassionate Sacred Medicine Weaver, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Author and Soul Coach & Mentor.
She is the Creatrix of the Sacred Medicine Path, Sacred Wisdom Retreats and Live Your Sacredness Coaching and Mentoring.

Roberta has been in the Spiritual, Health and Holistic field for the past 24 years. She is trained as a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Director, Certified Coach, Regulated Healthcare Practitioner, Reiki Master and Psychic Medium, along with many other alternative and spiritual healing modalities.

Roberta facilitates the year-long online 'Sacred Soul Weaver' program and Soul Foundations program, to support and guide those that desire to embrace their own soul journey.

Throughout the year you can also find Roberta traveling and offering Workshops, Circles and Retreats that connect with sacred sites, ancient wisdom and teachings to empower and support others to live a Spiritual life.

Learn more about Roberta at

Sacred Soul Foundations ~

Online Program -Next Series TBA

This online program is an excellent introduction to a number of wisdom teachings and medicine tools.  Each step you take in Sacred Soul Foundations will lead you deeper into your soul's wisdom and into your unique sacred medicine.

Spiritual Soul Language

This will be the start of your journey.

Here you will explore, then establish a daily Sacred Practice to call your own. In community with others on a similar path, you will discover, and develop your own unique Intuitive Abilities. By working with a variety of Divination Tools, you will ignite meaningful connection’s to the path of mystery, spirit and your personal Spirit Tribe.

Delivered with a one step at a time approach, you will have the chance to hone innate skills, that naturally support you , as you take further step’s along your path.

Sacred Practice






Sacred Medicine Tools & Healing

This module of Sacred Soul Foundations you will reawaken the sacred tools you already have and discover the ones you want to call into your life. It will guide you to know when and why you would use the sacred tools. Plus how to care for, clear and charge them.







Cosmic & Moon Wisdom

This module of Sacred Soul Foundations journeys through one full lunar cycle. You will work with the Moon as a part of your sacred practice and deepen your connection with the wisdom of Bella Luna. You will learn when your intuition is most heightened and how the moon influences your intuition, your emotions and your energy. And how to add a little magick into your life. Plus connect in with the wisdom and energy of the Astrological world.







Sacred Earth Wisdom

In this sacred portal we take another step deeper into the world of Earth Wisdom and Ritual. You will build upon both the knowledge and skills you developed in the previous modules to help you deepen into your own sacred medicine and learn how to work with the Sacred Earth cycles.

Wheel of the Year


Rituals &



Witchy Shamana

We finish with a guided journey through the paths of the Witch, Shaman and other related Archetypes that commonly present themselves along the path of the Sacred Medicine Weaver.








Includes: The Five in depth Sacred Portal Modules-

~Spiritual Soul Language

~Sacred Medicine Tools & Healing,

~Cosmic & Moon Wisdom

~Sacred Earth Wisdom

~Witchy Shamana

~Workbooks, Teaching Videos, Audios & PDFs

~Sacred Practice Prompts, Rituals & Moon Calendar

~Astrological Updates & Self Care Remedies

~Welcome Live Call

~6 Live Teaching Calls & Group Mentoring Calls

~Sacred Wisdom Circles

 ~2 Personal Coaching/Mentoring Sessions with Roberta Robbins

~Closing Live Call

~Member's Only Website to Access Program Content

~Private FB group to receive extra support & content

Professional Sacred Medicine Weaver Mentorship

This  journey into the professional aspect of embracing the path of the Sacred Medicine Weaver.

Sacred Medicine Weaver Mentorship

Those who are ready to take their sacred medicine out into the world, to hold rituals and ceremonies and hold sacred space for others, you are invited to apply to the Sacred Medicine Weaver Apprentice Program. As an apprentice, you will receive 1:1 support including coaching & healing sessions to hone your skills and move through any obstacles that may arise as you step into holding space as a Sacred Medicine Weaver. You will hold space for and guide those in Sacred Soul Foundations, assist in rituals and ceremonies for those in the Sacred Medicine Weaver Experience and be an integral part of the Sacred Ireland Retreats & Ceremonies. Upon completion you will receive the designation of Sacred Medicine Weaver.


One to One




Sacred Space Circles

Level One


Group & 1-to-1 Support





Coming Soon

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WHAT PEOPLE are SAYing about the

Sacred Medicine Path

I feel the need to take a few minutes and let you know how big of a journey the Sacred Medicine Weaver Path was for me.  Some of the teachings I had already known.  Those teachings were taken to a much deeper level of understanding.  There were many portals that I had no idea what to expect.  And those were exciting for me because I love learning new things.  You get plenty of one on one time, even in the group setting.  Roberta always makes sure you are understanding, and more importantly USING, the information.  She challenges you.  And in return, you challenge yourself.  There was never a moment of disappointment, except when it was over.  I know that it was one more stepping stone on my journey that I had crossed.  I am now so much more comfortable and confident in myself and my magical workings.

— Janelle Olivas, North Dakota

SMP -2017/2018