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Roberta Robbins

Sacred Wisdom Weaver

Soul Coach / Mentor / Teacher /  Healer / Channel / Spiritual Journey Guide

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Roberta Robbins weaves and shares her wisdom and magic by supporting, nurturing, and mentoring others in reclaiming their own Sacred Purpose and Place in the world. She provides opportunities for others to journey deeply into themselves, where one can feel safe and supported to explore their Soul’s Journey. Her hope for everyone is that they will reclaim and embody their personal power and the conscious awareness that they are limitless Source energy and creation.


Roberta has many of areas of expertise including, Spiritual Mentor & Coach, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher of Metaphysical Studies- this along with her exploration of sacred lands and working with hundreds of people over the years has supported her to witness and allow her own Sacred Medicine to emerge. She has worked diligently to embody her Soul’s Path and connect to her own Source Light and wisdom.

Roberta's mission is to inspire and guide others to

REMEMBER ~ RECLAIM ~ EMBODY their own Infinite Soul Love, Truth and Wisdom.

Roberta had been a fulltime regulated healthcare professional for 18 years while continuing to seek out training and learning to help her on her own soul journey.  In 2016 Roberta made the bold decision to transition from her fulltime healthcare career to allow space to integrate and share the wisdom and learning she has been gathering over the years. Nowadays, she fully embraces and embodies her Sacred Medicine and her calling to assist others in finding their own sacred path.

Roberta is a mentor, teacher, healer and a creatrix of many sacred spaces. Roberta facilitates her online 'Sacred Soul Weaver' and "Soul Foundations" programs, to support and guide those that desire to embrace their own soul journey.

Throughout the year you can also find Roberta traveling and offering Workshops, Circles and Soul Journeys that connect with sacred sites, ancient wisdom and teachings to empower and support others to live their most beautiful and sacred life.

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Through her own life experiences, sacred travels, and education, she can relate to the path of the wounded healer and the spiritual warrior, along with the soul’s  journey one must undergo to remember and reclaim their sacred wisdom, truth & power. She has traveled to various sacred sites and has worked with Medicine Women, Shamans and Wisdom Keepers to heal, remember, and receive ancient sacred wisdom & medicine. Roberta is passionate about weaving Sacred Universal Wisdom into the world and to support others on their Sacred Soul’s Journey.

Roberta is from the Georgian Bay area of The Blue Mountains, Ontario. She spends as much time as possible in Ireland, which she considers her 'Soul Home'. In Pre-Covid life, she was often found traveling the world for personal soul journeys and offering these journeys and workshops to others.  Quite often whether at home or while on journey, Roberta enjoys bringing others together to share her love for nature, the seasons, moon cycles, rituals and connection with Spirit in the form of holding sacred circles and gatherings.

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These days you can find Roberta holding Sacred Space, Mentoring & Teaching in the following playground:

~ Sacred Soul Mentoring/Coaching Private & Semi-Private

~ Wisdom Portals, Circles and Soul Weaver Events

~"Sacred Soul Relationships and Contracts' designed to deepen into self care & self love. Returning to unconditional love. Soul Mastery of Divine Sacred Masculine and Feminine within yourself and within your intimate relationships. How to navigate the Wisdom of your Sacred Contracts/Numerology/Astrology. 

~"Sacred Soul Rhythms' monthly forecasts and sacred online gatherings to support others on how to anchor into the Wheel of the Year, the moon cycles and the medicine of the seasons, so they can connect more deeply with themselves, personally and professionally.


As part of her Sacred walk in this Life, she is passionate about remembering and reconnecting with her Metis, Irish and UK ancestral lineage and wisdom...along with the paths of many lives once lived.