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Client Testimonials
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Intuitive Soul Astrology

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"I have always been fascinated by astrology and have always wanted to understand more and for my knowledge of it to feel natural and not like memorizing a book. I have read lots of books and done a lot of google searches (you know what I am talking about) and still felt overwhelmed and confused. When I saw Roberta’s offering for Intuitive Soul Astrology, I was like well this speaks to me. From the first class, all the judgement I had about not understanding, or it being to much to learn and something out there in the cosmos that was over my head was gone! Roberta guides you in a way that is supportive and challenges you in deepening your own innate wisdom. She doesn’t give you the answers, she helps you to find them within yourself. I highly recommend her program and am grateful for what it has opened up in me."

~Nancy Read, Vancouver, BC

Intuitive Soul Astrology

Do you have any curiosity about astrology??

Astrology I believe is one of the areas that they should teach in school. If we can take something from our Ancient Ancestors is that they knew that the key to living in harmony with nature on this planet was guided by the cosmos , and you can to!!

I have always loved astrology but found it so complicated and hard to actually apply to me and my life until I took this Intuitive Astrology Course with the fabulous Roberta Robbins !

So if there is even a stirring of curiosity or interest, Do it! I highly recommend it !

Sat Nam xx

It literally blew my socks off as I was actually understanding it and using it!!

~Veronika Colnar


Tarot Weaver

I finally decided to “give in” to my curiosity about the Tarot, and I couldn’t have found a better way to start this journey, than with Roberta!  Not only did we have our weekly zoom class, there was also a secondary class later in the week, which provided an opportunity to answer questions, to share our thoughts and to often add more course material.Roberta gently encouraged us to trust our intuition, to develop our OWN relationship with the cards, which was wonderful.  I didn’t have to worry about “memorizing” information, but rather, work at my own speed, with my own cards.  It was so empowering to give each other readings during our last week, to see how we have the ability to use this beautiful divination process. I am so very grateful that Roberta supported us, not only with a deep understanding of each of the 78 cards, but also tools to help us work on our own relationship with them.  I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone curious about either starting their journey with the Tarot, or reviewing and refreshing what they may know already.

~Julie Baumlisberger, Amaranth, ON

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Image by Kayla Maurais

Tarot Weaver

I took the Tarot Weaver course with Roberta and it was completely worth it, Everything she taught us just all clicked together. Roberta is an amazing teacher and I can not wait to take other courses. If you are called to learn tarot I highly recommend taking her course. I have recently registered for the Intuitive Soul Astrology and can't wait to dive in this program with Roberta! 

~Nella Robidoux, Orangeville, ON

Client's Journey

Roberta has been a huge part of my awakening and spiritual growth over the past 6 years. I have been a client of Roberta’s for private healing and coaching sessions, and have attended many group workshops and ceremonies. Her wisdom and toolbox are quite extensive and her magic is such a unique gift. Roberta has been a constant mentor and advocate for my personal well being, growth and my cheerleader in life. Her private soul sessions are amazing, I receive exactly what I need in that moment. She supports and guides me to step into my higher self. Roberta’s workshops and trainings are so knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tarot Weaver program and the 21 days Devotional Embodiment Series. I have had the privilege of attending her ceremonies and circles in person and love participating in them as she shares her medicine and magic with all. I highly recommend connecting with Roberta, she offers a unique personalized experience.

~ Paula Haick, Collingwood, ON


The Sacred Medicine Path

The Sacred Medicine Path was significant in my learning more about what is meaningful to me and how I can incorporate changes in my life. It has helped me build confidence in my spiritual beliefs and expanded my awareness of self, sacred tools, practices and rituals. It has reshaped who I am and where I am headed.

~Sandy Auestad, Collingwood, ON

The Sacred Medicine Path

I feel the need to take a few minutes and let you know how big of a journey the Sacred Medicine Weaver Path was for me.  Some of the teachings I had already known.  Those teachings were taken to a much deeper level of understanding.  There were many portals that I had no idea what to expect.  And those were exciting for me because I love learning new things.  You get plenty of one on one time, even in the group setting.  Roberta always makes sure you are understanding, and more importantly USING, the information.  She challenges you.  And in return, you challenge yourself.  There was never a moment of disappointment, except when it was over.  I know that it was one more stepping stone on my journey that I had crossed.  I am now so much more comfortable and confident in myself and my magical workings.

~ Janelle Olives, North Dakota, USA


The Sacred Medicine Path


When you’re finally done with listening and following the robotic empty norm of life... done with the lies and manipulation of years/millennia, and wish to find and know your own Truth, then Roberta's Sacred Medicine Path program will help open you up to the Universe of Truth.

Return to your Sacredness.Return to Your Soul Truth.

Begin your Spiritual Journey of Healing.

Take back your Sacred Power.Empower yourself with Sacred Wisdom.

You are worthy and are meant to be whole.

This course introduces you to a World of Empowerment and Sacred Truths.

Begin your journey and return to You.

~Diana Artus, Quebec, Canada

The Sacred Medicine Path

I loved what I received from taking the SMP program in 2017-2018, that I decided to take the Sacred Medicine Path ~Soul Foundations for the second time! I now have a deeper understanding of myself, resulting in positive changes. The ability to let go and release what does not serve me. Increased awareness of nature, how to work with my guides, spirit guide and angel guide. How and when to use oracle cards. Better understanding and trusting what is coming for my highest good. Increased strength to look forward instead of back. This program will greatly benefit those who are interested in learning more about themselves on a deeper level. Through Roberta’s knowledge and guidance you will learn more about your soul journey that will change your life.

~ Sharon Carr, The Blue Mountains, ON

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The Witchery Shaman
Weekend Retreat

Dear Roberta,

Thank you so much for an amazing Witchery Shamana Weekend Retreat.

I could not have asked for more. Every aspect of it was divine. I’m leaving having learnt so much and feel refreshed in myself. I know my oath forward. This was so powerful and so confirming for my heart and soul. I truly would come to this retreat annually.

Your true compassion and knowledge is beautiful. This is what you’re meant to do. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Many blessings,

Doris Kun

The Witchery Shaman
Weekend Retreat



The Witchery Shaman Weekend has been a beautiful experience.

I came looking for some tools, some structure and some way to put what I know and am learning into a container. I wanted to feel like it was all more accessible.

This weekend you showed me that I have what I need and can continue to add and grow. You shared tools and practices that I can that I can use in my life, and made it really easy to see how to make my own practice easy, joyous, enriching and powerful.


Blessed Be.

~Karen Collacutt


The Witchery Weekend Retreat


Dear Roberta,


Thank you!

I thank you for your guidance and being our path director.

I thank you for helping me open the gateway of my creator within.


My cauldron fire is not just an ember anymore. It has become the burning flame birthing my phoenix to grow and shine more.


I am a witch!


With love...Thank you,

Susan Rolfe

The Witchery Weekend Retreat



The Witchery Weekend Retreat helped connect to my roots as a witchy woman. I met 10 fabulous women who are my tribe.


This weekend I regained my power, my sense of self and my sense of spirit. I practiced old skills and learned new ones, all of which I will use in my everyday life when I leave.


I am inspired. I am love.

I am wisdom. I am witch.


Claudette Martin

Blessed Be!

Image by Paige Cody

The Witchery Shaman
Weekend Retreat

Dear Roberta,


The Witchery Shamana Weekend Retreat was amazing!

I have felt a calling for a long time and didn’t really know what it was. You have awakened a new (or is it old?) life in me. I can’t thank you enough. I know I can now go home and be a better me for my family and of course me.


Thank you dear friend!

Rhonda Mertens

Sacred Peru Retreat

For anyone looking for an amazing retreat, choose to go with Roberta. I did her Sacred Peru Retreat and absolutely loved it.

She is such a lovely facilitator and her retreats are transformational.

~Gail Kronberg, Washington USA

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Sacred Peru Retreat



"Keep standing in your wisdom and empowering women. You have touched so many and many more to come!!

Empowerment of women is your gift!

You have the wisdom and personal truth to do this journey.

Your rays of sunshine will shine thru in your future retreats. Hold strong to your personal truths and your sacred medicine."


Hugs and blessings,

Caroline Bingley

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