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Sacred Soul Journey

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Peru ~Shamanic Soul Journey

Spring 2021

Journey to the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu of Peru.
Discover the Wisdom & Healing of the Ancient Land of the Incas and Awaken your Sacred Medicine! 

Are Your Ready To Embrace, Empower & Embody

Your Sacred Medicine?

You are invited to join Roberta Robbins to explore the magic and wisdom of the Sacred Valley of Peru. The mystical and ancient land of the Inca awaits you.

Join us on a journey exploring Peru's Sacred Valley and the Lost City of the Incas... Machu Picchu, the Womb of Pachamama of Moray Ruins and the Power and Wisdom of Apu. We will start our journey together in the beautiful city of Cusco... the gateway into the Sacred Valley and the Inca Trail.

We will spend our first few nights in a beautiful and serene Boutique Villas. During that time we will explore and embrace the wisdom and medicine of Pachamama, Apu, the Peruvian people and their culture.

From there we will journey to the Village of Machu Picchu~ Aguas Calientes, where we will explore the Lost City of the Incas with our Peruvian Healer and Wisdom Keeper, Vilma Pinedo.

Once we are complete with our journey at Machu Picchu, we will spend our last few days back in the heart of the Sacred Valley, relaxing, reflecting and integrating your time in the Sacred Valley. Plus you will have the opportunity to explore Urubamba's shops, including a visit to the beautiful Ceramicas Seminario Workshop and Gift Studio.


This Sacred Peru Soul Journey has been created for a small and intimate group of women that are seeking time to honour themselves in a deep and authentic way, through the magic and wisdom of Peru.


As your Soul Journey Facilitator and sacred space holder, I will offer you moments and experiences so you can explore, awaken and reclaim your personal power and sacred medicine. My desire for you is, when you return back home, you will feel renewed, empowered, rooted into your soul's sacred medicine and connected with your heart's desires.

Throughout our week together, I will offer you time and space to explore, heal and process on your own. Along with the balance of receiving sacred moments of Peruvian ceremony, healing, connection with others and activities that will help support you on your journey. 


I understand the precious importance of taking time for yourself to nurture, reflect and listen deeply to our soul's wisdom. In our busy day to day life, it can be challenging to offer ourselves this kind of deep nourishment. It is vital to retreat in order to fill ourselves back up, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. 


When we hear a sacred land calling to us, it is Mother Earth, The Sacred Divine, our Spirit Guides and most importantly our Soul speaking to us. We are being guided back to areas and traditions of this world, so we can remember and reclaim parts of ourselves. 

This call within to go on a sacred Journey to Peru,is about where you are now in your life. What are your unique gifts? What are the stories and wisdom of your life, and how do they guide you to live your best soulful journey? What is stirring within your essence? Are you living in your personal power? Are you giving voice to your stories, beliefs and dreams? Is your body and soul yearning to rest and align with Pachamama? Do you seek to feel and see the majestic magic of Apu ~ Machu Picchu?


Do you hear the sacred land calling?


Can you feel this longing within to reconnect?


If you do, this retreat is for YOU!

Your Sacred Peru Soul Journey Awaits You!

Where will your heart guide you?

Highlights of the Sacred Soul Journey

  • Machu Picchu

  • Moray Ruins

  • Despacho Ceremony

  • Peruvian Rituals, Ceremony and Teachings

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Soul & Spirit Writing Workshop

  • Coca Leaf Reading

  • Full Moon Sacred Medicine Circle and Healing

  • Daily Sacred Personal Practice Rituals and Teachings

  • Peruvian Artisans Market Shopping

  • Modern Day Shamanic Journeying and Divination Teaching

  • And much more...

Your Sacred Wisdom Retreat Guide & Facilitator

~Roberta Robbins~

~Roberta's soul passion is to ignite the sacred wisdom that is within each of us. She invites you to journey with her to Peru's sacred land, to unlock and awaken the sacred wisdom and medicine that is within YOU!


Roberta Robbins is a dedicated coach, mentor, healer, sacred medicine weaver and wisdom seeker.  Her passion is to inspire and empower others to remember and reclaim their innate wisdom and sacred medicine.  Roberta has been an Integrated Holistic and Spiritual Practitioner for over 20 years. 

Through her own life experiences, extensive travels and education, she has journeyed down the path of the wounded healer.  A spiritual warrior, she knows the work one must undergo to heal, grow and to live a life with purpose and passion. Her personal journey has empowered her to share her healing path and sacred wisdom with others.  She has travelled to various sacred sites around the world and has worked with Medicine Women, Shamans and Wisdom Keepers.  She has learned and received many valuable lessons and teachings, that she uses to create an abundant and successful life.  She is passionate about sharing these teachings and tools with others.  Helping to support and guide them in their own self healing so they can reclaim their joy, vitality and life purpose.

“My passion is to offer you guidance and healing in remembering and reclaiming your authentic power, vitality and wisdom.  As a Sacred Medicine Woman, I am here to be a wisdom keeper and light bearer.  To support you on your journey and to assist you in discovering your own sacred medicine in the world.  It is my heartfelt desire to share and offer guidance from the wisdom I have gained through my own personal journey of spiritual healing and soul travels.  I offer you a sacred space for you to feel safe and supported, where you can receive the wisdom and healing that your soul is seeking.”​~Roberta Robbins~'Sacred Medicine Weaver'

What is your soul saying to you?

Can you feel Pachamama calling to you?

Is it time for you take a Soul Journey to the Sacred Land of Peru?

If you have any questions regarding our 2021 Peru Sacred Soul Journey, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 705-446-5533


Thank you! Message received.

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