Apr 18, 2022 - May 15, 2022

The Divine Channel

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THE DIVINE CHANNEL starts on April 20th. You are MORE than this Earthly Realm...you can see beyond the human senses...you are capable of cosmic and Quantum Travel. It is time for a Sacred Remembering and Embodiment of your Soul Light. YOU ARE LIGHT AND FREQUENCY. Are you ready to cross the cosmic earth bridge? Do you want to know how to connect you Soul Language...aka Intuitive Abilities to open Sacred Portals? Then you'll want to join us on April 20th for a 4 Week Journey. It's time to embody your Cosmic Soul Light. 🦋 This is perfect next step for those that have finished the Soul Language, The Sacred Medicine Paths, Realm Walker, Or the Earth Portal Series....PLUS, for those of you that are aware of your intuitive gifts and are interested in deepening your medicine into the Psychic/Medium/Seer/Shaman. I like to call this the weaving the medicine of the 'The Witch, Raven & Shaman.' If you are wanting to understand how these archetypes weave their medicine and start to open up the Portals from this earthly realm to Cosmic Realm...this is your next program. Program Includes: 4 weeks of Zoom Calls on Wednesdays at 7pm edt Plus Support Mentoring Calls and Sacred Medicine Embodiment Practices. We start with our first call on Wednesday April 20th. DM if you have questions.

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Roberta Robbins
Roberta Robbins


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