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Mar 14, 2022 - Apr 17, 2022

Intuitive Soul Language

  • 35Days
  • 21Steps


Soul Language is your unique Intuitive abilities that connects you with your higher self, your spiritual guides and cosmic wisdom. It is your bridge from this earth realm to your Soul Seed. Soul Language is a living and breathing expression of how you know and receive spiritual communication. I often see spiritual teachers, coaches and healers that are very intuitive, yet they don't understand their full Soul Language or the limitless capability they have with it. They are missing the foundations. I also see people knowing they have gifts but just don't have all the clear understanding for them to piece it all together. Then there is the ones that got scared of their gifts as a child and closed themselves off to them because of the fear or lack of support around them to help them understand their gifts and to also develop healthy and safe path forward with integrating them. If you are desiring to channel for spiritual and energy messages, you need to have your foundations in place. And this is a journey. I'll take you on a four week foundational jounrey to deepen into your intution. There are 4 main areas of focus: ~What has been your Spiritual human journey to this point?~What blocks, fears and spiritual and/or religious influenced this? ~What are your unique intuitive gifts and teaching you about the 'Clairs' and other soul languages. ~Spirit Guides, Tribe & Allies. Who they are, what the difference is and how they are supporting you. ~Devotional Sacred Pracitce.

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