Mon., Oct. 18 | Zoom Call

The Dead ~ Spirit Realm

The Dead ~ Spirit Realm

Time & Location

Oct. 18, 6:30 p.m. EDT
Zoom Call

About The Event

Only one thing is guaranteed in this life....

we all will die and pass into the spirit realm. We become the Dead to the living. Beyond this life, the spirit/soul itself does not view itself as dead. We sometimes don't think of that. Yet, what many have known, is sometimes we still feel the dead once they are on the other side.

This is where we will start our journey. The transition. 

In this session we will look at the portal into the Spirit Realm. What is the Veil? What is happening on the other side?

Why do some feel their presence so clearly? Why do the Dead still want our help, to have conversations with us and let us know something?

There are different worlds in the spirit realm.

Some of the dead, need support in healing and transitioning their death back to pure Source embodiment.

We will look at PsychoPomp Work and how to guide the Dead.

We will journey to the doorway to have a look and receive guidance.

Workshop Session is approx. 2hrs via Zoom Call.

The Replay will be emailed the following day.

Zoom Link will be emailed as a reminder. 

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