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Intuitive Soul Astrology
The Next Online Program Certification Starts May 17th 2022

Have you ever wanted to understand the Foundations of Astrology, such as reading your own birth chart, navigating the transiting planets and how it is influencing your chart? Do you want to learn how the moon cycles and eclipses affect you personally, how to interpret your personal Planets, Houses and Zodiac Archetypes....and so much more?


You are born of stardust...your divine soul blueprint is etched in the cosmos...Astrology is your Soul Map!

Perfect for beginners and those with astrology knowledge.

Meet Your Guide, Teacher and Mentor

Roberta Robbins


Roberta has been a visionary leader, teacher, healer & spiritual coach, mentor of the mystical & esoteric arts for over 20 years. Her passion is to create sacred spaces and experiences to help others remember their sacred wisdom and truth, from the origins of their Soul. 


Roberta has been a seeker of various esoteric and mystic traditions for most of her life. She offers teachings and trainings in Intuitive Soul Astrology, Soul Language & Channeling, Modern Day and Cross Cultural Shamanism, Celtic Earth Traditions, Quantum Healing & Meditation and Numerology. As well as a variety of Divination Methodologies, such as Tarot, Plant & Elemental Medicine and Soul Journeying.


We are all powerful & wise healers, teachers & guides. We are all at various stages of our personal journey... Roberta offers the support, clarity and guidance to help you embody your Sacred Wisdom

on your Soul's Journey.

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your birth chart & learn how to navigate through the Cosmic Dance of the Universe?

Then this Online Master Series Program may be for you...

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Intuitive Soul Astrology offers a step by step approach to understanding your natal astrology chart.
You will gain a deeper wisdom of your astrological archetypes, your sacred medicine and how to show up and embody it in everyday life. You will learn how to navigate the sacred rhythms of the cosmic wheel and how to support your friends, family & clients with their own natal chart.
We will also look at Moon Wisdom, Eclipses and Portals.

Astrology offers insight into your unique soul gifts, personality, career, relationships, love and wellbeing.

You came into this world with your own cosmic coding that can help you understand your purpose and journey in this life. It can deepen your understanding of your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic wellbeing.

This Course is created & led by Roberta Robbins and has 7 weekly teaching portals, and coaching/mentoring sessions.

Program Flow>>>
~The Language and Wisdom of Astrology, Natal Chart and Navigation
~Zodiac Signs and their Gatekeepers & Wisdom Holders
~Natal Houses and Your Chart
~Planets and their Medicine
~Moon Cycles, Eclipses & Portals
~Cosmic Codes/Reports & Weaving the Wisdom > Master Your Intuitive Astrology Language.
~Astro Archetypes & Relationship Dynamics

Each Portal is approx. 90 min in length

Program includes:
Weekly Portal Teachings
Group Mentoring Calls
FB Community and Program Forum

Your Program Member's Portal opens Monday May 16th.
Weekly Online Zoom Calls, every Tuesday at 6pm est.

Pay in Full Special (save $100, until May 12th)

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"I have always been fascinated by astrology and have always wanted to understand more and for my knowledge of it to feel natural and not like memorizing a book. I have read lots of books and done a lot of google searches (you know what I am talking about) and still felt overwhelmed and confused. When I saw Roberta’s offering for Intuitive Soul Astrology, I was like well this speaks to me. From the first class, all the judgement I had about not understanding, or it being to much to learn and something out there in the cosmos that was over my head was gone! Roberta guides you in a way that is supportive and challenges you in deepening your own innate wisdom. She doesn’t give you the answers, she helps you to find them within yourself. I highly recommend her program and am grateful for what it has opened up in me."

~Nancy Read, Vancouver, BC


I finally decided to “give in” to my curiosity about the Tarot, and I couldn’t have found a better way to start this journey, than with Roberta!  Not only did we have our weekly zoom class, there was also a secondary class later in the week, which provided an opportunity to answer questions, to share our thoughts and to often add more course material.
Roberta gently encouraged us to trust our intuition, to develop our OWN relationship with the cards, which was wonderful.  I didn’t have to worry about “memorizing” information, but rather, work at my own speed, with my own cards.  It was so empowering to give each other readings during our last week, to see how we have the ability to use this beautiful divination process. 
I am so very grateful that Roberta supported us, not only with a deep understanding of each of the 78 cards, but also tools to help us work on our own relationship with them.  I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone curious about either starting their journey with the Tarot, or reviewing and refreshing what they may know already. ~Julie Baumlisberger, Amaranth, ON

I took the Tarot Weaver course with Roberta and it was completely worth it, Everything she taught us just all clicked together. Roberta is an amazing teacher and I can not wait to take other courses. If you are called to learn tarot I highly recommend taking her course. I have recently registered for the Intuitive Soul Astrology and cant wait to dive in this program with Roberta! 

~Nella Robidoux, Orangeville, ON


Roberta has been a huge part of my awakening and spiritual growth over the past 6 years. I have been a client of Roberta’s for private healing and coaching sessions, and have attended many group workshops and ceremonies. Her wisdom and toolbox are quite extensive and her magic is such a unique gift. Roberta has been a constant mentor and advocate for my personal well being, growth and my cheerleader in life. Her private soul sessions are amazing, I receive exactly what I need in that moment. She supports and guides me to step into my higher self. Roberta’s workshops and trainings are so knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tarot Weaver program and the 21 days Devotional Embodiment Series. I have had the privilege of attending her ceremonies and circles in person and love participating in them as she shares her medicine and magic with all. I highly recommend connecting with Roberta, she offers a unique personalized experience.

~ Paula Haick, Meaford, ON