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A Full Wolf Blood Super Moon Eclipse???

Updated: Jan 20, 2019 the first Full Moon in 2019! And it is a mouth full!!! LOL

Today isn't just a plain regular full moon (really are any of them?) This one brings some serious wisdom and energy with it.

So let me break it down for you.

'Full Moon'~ yup, you got it... the moon reaches its full illumination... happens every month (and once in a blue moon, ;) it happens twice a month). People feel more energized, sleep less, and when they do sleep have more active and vivid dreams. The full moon affects us all in some way...even animals and nature behave differently.

The Full Moon is a time to celebrate what you manifested in the last 28 days. It is also a great time to release anything that may still be present in your life, it could be something that is physical, emotional or mental that doesn't serve your highest good.

'Wolf Moon' ~ The first full moon of the new year and given this name because wolves are extra hungry due to the wintery months, and they are out in search of their next meal. Sometimes also referred to as the Howling Moon too, as we can hear them out on their nightly hunt.

Every moon has been given a name. It all depends on the time of the year, the land, traditions and culture. It's good to know the origins of the names for the moon and what you choose to align with.

For more information on Moon Names visit 'Full Moon Names'.

'Super Moon'~ This occurs when the moon is the closest to the earth, more than any other time of the year, making it appear up to 30% bigger and brighter than usual. The closer it is, the bigger it appears...easy to understand that one. We usually experience at least a couple of these Super Full Moons in a year.

The effects of the Full Moon are amplified. Our emotions can be more heightened, our intuition more clear and sharp. Unresolved issues, behaviours or worries can be amplified. Parts of ourselves that are living an illusion will be shown. The bright and illuminating light of a super moon can offer us a chance to look into those shadowy parts of ourselves and the relationships around us...with more clarity. Illusions will break away. Super moons can offer us either a great challenge or a beautiful and powerful time to release, transform and birth a new way of authentically being.

'Blood Moon'~ For this full moon, blood is being used as a reference to the colour of the moon as it peaks in its full lunar eclipse state.

Know, that there is a 'Full Blood Moon' in the autumn, usually October. Also known as the 'Hunter Moon'. Just like the Wolf Moon, it is in reference to the hunting season. Very common for us in Canada and other places in the northern hemisphere as we enter into the hunting season, and the 'blood' is in literal reflection of the blood of the hunted animal.

'Eclipse'~ We have two eclipse seasons, Winter and Summer, with either a combination of Solar or Lunar and Partial or Total Eclipses. (Are you still following me?)

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and into its shadow. In other words, the Earth completely blocks the direct sunlight from reaching the Moon, sunlight which normally would create the full moon illumination, aka, moonlight.

We start 2019 with a to speak ;) This Full Moon Total Eclipse is preceded by the Partial Solar Eclipse we had on January 5th - 6th with our New Moon.

Partial Lunar Eclipses are when only part of the moon is shadowed by the earth.

Eclipse's Wisdom...dare I say, Magick ;) a portal type energy. Big shifts and leveling up spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically... can all happen. It is a great time of transformation. Quite often it REALLY shakes things up. Energy and experiences of chaos, upheaval, death, rebirth, loss, kundalini energy rising,...the list could go on. But consider all deals off, and the universe is here to REALLY illuminate where you are soul~fully in your life.

This can feel like anything from an enemy... (for this moon lets say "THE BIG BAD WOLF" blowing down your door)....or your best friend reminding you the blessing you are and of the light shining within you. So instead of the BIG BAD WOLF at your door, it could be basket full of cute and cuddly puppies!! :)

The true reality of this Full Wolf Blood Super Moon Eclipse will be a time of ebbs and flows of all of the above....with a splash of intensity.

How you choose to ride this cosmic wave...will truly show where you are on this path...and you get to choose how you will journey forward into 2019.

Photos from The Moon Oracle Cards by Roberta Robbins.

Deck can be purchased at The Moon Deck


How Can You Support Yourself and Harness This Cosmic Symphony...

By Bringing Mindfulness and Sacredness Into Your Life~

Here are some easy ways to do this...

Create a Full Moon Sacred Practice

~Moonlight Cleanse -stand in the moonlight and allow it to wash over you. Show all sides of yourself to Bella Luna, and ask her to cleanse away what no longer serves you. Reach your arms up to her, pull her loving bright light down to your body (this is a simple form of a ritual called 'Drawing Down the Moon')...into your heart space and womb space. Invoke the moon Goddesses Diana, Selene, Luna and/or Hecate...or simply Grandmother Moon or Bella Luna. Ask for her blessings and guidance as you journey into the next moon cycle. Give thanks for this time with her.

~Moon Ritual Bath -draw yourself a bath. Add whatever calls to you that makes it more sacred. Add things like epsom salts, essential oils, flower essence and/or crystals. Make sure you connect and honour the element of water and its connection to the moon.

~Burning Ritual -write down all that you are ready to release and offer it to a live flame. As you burn your paper, ask Spirit/Universe/God/Goddess/Divine that it be blessed and transformed. Remember to focus and exhale completely while it is burning. Feel this leaving you. Feel the lightness within you, as this releases to Divine. Once your are finished with your Burning Ritual, if you wish, write in your journal (or upon a piece paper) all of the blessings you are calling into your life for the next moon cycle and place it on your altar. Offer gratitude.

~Make Moon Water -Place water in a clear glass jar or bottle. Speak your intentions and blessings into the water. You can also write them on a piece of paper and place the paper on top of the jar/bottle or underneath it. Plus you can also set crystals beside the container of water...or place crystals* into your water.

Place your water in the moonlight...outside if weather permits or in a window with moonlight.

Your Moon Water can be used for a few things after a full night in the moonlight.

It can be used for drinking, creating witchery items, in a bath, or a shower... as anointing water such as for blessing sacred items...and the list goes on. Feel into how your Moon Water wishes to be used.

*(be careful here, know what crystals are able to go into water and if you plan on drinking your it...make sure you know what crystal essence is ok to drink).

~Divination with Oracle Cards -Pull out one of your Oracle Card Decks or a tarot deck, and connect in with it for guidance on this Full Moon. (This is also the perfect time to cleanse your decks in the moonlight and ask Bella Luna for them to be blessed and recharged.)

~ Make sure you center your energy and feel into what guidance you seek at this time.

~ Decide how many cards you will need to draw.

~ Connect with your deck and ask your question.

~ Pull the cards that you decided upon.

~ Place them face down first, then, once all your cards are pulled, turn them up to reveal their message.

~ Make sure to write this down and give thanks.

For ways to connect with your Oracle Cards and deepen your relationship with them, attend my next Oracle Cards Workshop. Details and Tickets can be found at

~Smudge Yourself and Home -literally smudge your home and self with Sacred Herbs, such as white sage, bay leaves, frankincense resins, cedar. Remember to follow your smudging with burning palo santo, sweetgrass, lavender or your favourite incense. It is also a perfect time to bring sound healing in with singing, chants, drumming, rattling, singing bowls...etc.

~Moonlight Cleansing and Recharging Altar -set your Sacred Items out in the your crystals. This can be outside if weather allows or in your home in front of a window that allows the moonlight to shine in.

A perfect time for the moon's light to cleanse and recharge your crystals and other sacred items.

~Journal -write down dreams, emotions, insights and messages you are receiving at this time.

~Affirmations -create soul-fully aligned affirmations for the next moon cycle.

~Offer Gratitude -speak out loud to the Moon or write down all that you are grateful for.

~Prayers, Chants and Invocations -create your own, or recite some of your favourite pieces from authors and singers and songwriters. Even put on your favourite music that lifts your energy and fills your heart with joy.

Blessings on this Special Full Moon Eclipse Evening....and whatever may unfold for you.


For more information and LIVE streaming on this January's Full Moon Eclipse visit

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