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"Very few people can hold the sacred space of witnessing, supporting and offering calm shores to those in mist of dark turbulent seas. Most want to speed through it. Most want to seem like they are a person with deep concern for others mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, yet they can't retreat fast enough into the comfort of their life....away from the despair and discomfort of another. They simply cannot hold this essense in that person's presence. This is a rare trait...and few understand and embody this Sacred Art. We are sadly filled with a world, especially seen in the business of spiritual leaders, coaches, healers and teachers lacking this embodiment. This depth. There is no hiding this fact from someone who has walked through the fires of the phoenix trials of death, transformation and rebirth. They can't hide....nor can they stand long within the clear sight of those of us that have been burned and buried in the ashes. Honestly, if you don't do your inner work and you haven't walked a dark night of the soul...a few won't be able to even stand near me or walk with me....for long. This statement may be you rattling within, just to read that....might even piss you off. Good.

My depth and essence alone will rattle your soul. And oh how I witnessed that shake down with others in very intriguing and disheartening ways. When one walks through the underworld of darkness, they bring back power, truth and depth to their soul, and this will transform and rebirth the person to more sacred form of wisdom, integrity and clear seeing and knowing. As more people embrace the darkness and befriend it, we soul ascend.

Surrender to the holy F@&k moments, days, weeks, months... allow the Alchemy to occur. It's scary of hell. It's dark as death. It is hopelessness, despair and nothingness seizing your essence.

It is death. It is darkness. It's what it is.

It is Soul Light dancing with its divine counterpart. Forging you stronger, more resilient and soul wise.

How does one know and understand to teach about Light, to lead a way of Light and sacred Wisdom if you have not touched darkness?

A lot of people aren't doing their work. Behind the scene of their so called perfect spiritual persona is darkness, gaslighting and manipulation. Don't worry though, these times we are living in are going to push you to face your shadow, to take the soul descent and to choose to rise like the phoenix or to perish to its depth. (dark, I know)

Most don't really want to stand with someone that is in pain, that is suffering, that is having a dark night of the soul, that feels like they are failing and they are standing at the edge of the dark unknown abyss. Most are not made for this kind of Sacred holdings..they do seem to be rare...yet so needed as we are losing our elders, the wisdom holders and weavers...more need to embrace their sacred medicine.

More people that have risen from the hell fires must stand and embrace this darkness as medicine wisdom for the world to come.


We need more Souls that have walked, wepted and shattered in their dark night journeys. Why? Because we need more souls that sit with others in the darkness. To be present. A standing stone of compassion, soul empathy and love. Their presence is all that is needed in that moment. No answers or guidance needs to even be given, as they are wise to know what is not the solace that wanders in the dark lands.

Stillness. Understanding. A person to meet you when you reach the shore again. To know they are there. They believe in you. They love you. They see you. Truly see you. In all your dark messy glory and grace."

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