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April's E-Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Ok, it might not be feeling like spring this past weekend for those of you in my local area, as Winter had decided to return.

Yet be reassured that Mother Earth is awakening here in the northern hemisphere... a slow dance she is choosing. She sure has her own sacred cycle and speed she moves at. Her wisdom obviously reminding us to find our own sacred matter what is going on around us.

As the world itself is awakening to many things at this time, how are you doing with your own awakening process?

What has been shifting for you?

How are you navigating these times?

I feel as though I am falling out of time itself, or maybe time itself is just dissolving it's structural foundations from what we have known. I find myself in timeless space in various moments. It feels like a spiraling energy weaving around me...the 3D realm shifts in form...opening up unlimited spaciousness of thought and form...and everything expands beyond the moment.

Anyone else having these timeless and dimensional rides?

(I know some of you are.)

It is hard to grasp that April is only 2 days away...I knew this month was going to go by fast, but I actually don't have to words to express the full reality of the speed we are living in these days. Time is out of TIME.

So here are some thoughts and Energy Forecast Recaps from my numerology wisdom....

We are in a 9 Energy Month, which is all about Endings to prepare for the New Beginnings. Plus, with us being in a 6 Energy Year...there is a foundational current asking us to release karmic cycles, step into love, compassion and harmony. All creating a new way of being. A new earth, that has no road map, as we are creating in the now moment.

Can you feel time dissolving? Timelines merging, some are collapsing and karmic cycles coming to a head to be released.

Yes, we are in a new paradigm. How is your inner resourcing feeling?

Right now, I am holding sacred space and sharing wisdom for my Soul Language students and we are almost done with our 4 week series...and yes, for those of you in the space...don't worry....I have the illuminating steps across the bridge is forming. You will hear about that soon. :)

Right Now...In this Moment, I am here to share with you about the next two events that are quickly approaching. The first one starts in two weeks.

It is that time of the year again that I offer my Tarot Weaver's Program and right behind that will be another offering, which is the Intuitive Soul Astrology Program. Both are now open for registration.

Each of them are offered as a stand alone training, plus for those of you very eager individuals, I have created a Tarot / Soul Astrology Bundle. (aka, save $$)

Plus, I have some bonuses for you too.

Let me tell you about the Registration Specials for the Tarot / Soul Astrology Bundle

Early Registration Bonuses >>>

Register by March 31st >

~Receive natal chart prep for the Soul Astrology Program

~Personal Divine Masculine and Feminine Natal Chart Reading

~Mini Personal Tarot Reading

Register by April 15th>

~Receive a Special Bonus Workshop that will blend Tarot with the Zodiacs, Moon Cycles and The Sacred Wheel of the Year! This is my Signature Reading I offer to my clients. Learn how to create your own.

Payment Plans available for bundle and for individual programs.

Ticket for the' Bundle' is located at

Here is something else >>>

Since the Tarot Weaver program is coming up so quickly, Register by March 31st and also receive a personal mini tarot reading from me.

AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART>>> know that my Tarot Weaver Program has Energy Exchange/Love Gift Options. Meaning if you really want to take this course and need other forms of payment options...this is it. Reach out to me to discuss and create a mutually beneficial exchange.

Also know that I truly believe this is where we are going with our new earth. We can support each other in various ways. It need not be money. (yes, it is important for various least for right now) We can all thrive together. We have much to offer each other! As I write this I am flooded with emotions of love and hope for all of us.

If you have questions, please feel free to message me at



PS...Keep an eye out for the April Sacred Rhythms Forecast and Intuitive Reading. It will be posted on my YouTube Channel :)

PPS...I have a Springtime Soul Renewal Package available to support you on your healing and sacred embodiment journey. Details to book package at

Springtime Soul Renewal Package

Springtime is the perfect time to take time to recharge, reset and realign your body, mind and soul.

This is a special 'Springtime Soul Renewal Package'

Includes 5 Individual Sessions. Choose from>>>

*Shamanic Healing

*Reiki Sacred Herbs Relaxation Massage

*Soul Coaching/Mentoring

*Intuitive Reading

*Soul Code Activation & Alignment Session

Use in any combination that works best for your wellbeing. My advice, one of each sounds divine.

Once purchased a link to book your sessions will be emailed. If you are interested in In-Person Session, please contact me. All session except the Reiki Sacred Herbs Massage can be offered via Zoom/Distance Healing.

5x 60 min sessions for $555 cad (Reg. $750 cad)

To Purchase Your Springtime Soul Renewal Package >>>

I look forward to weaving some springtime magic and wisdom with you soon!


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