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Are You Ready to SPRING into a New Chapter of Your Soul's Journey?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Full Moon Energy is happening now and Spring is almost here!!! Can you feel it?

Tomorrow's Super Full Moon in Libra, brings with it the arrival of Spring and the Celtic Wheel of the Year's 1st Solar Festival known as Ostara.

Spring Equinox marks the balance of equal day and night,. In the Southern hemisphere they celebrate Mabon wisdom and energy.

Ostara is revered as a time of rebirth and renewal. A time of new beginnings, prosperity and growth. The pagans worshiped the Goddess Eostre, known for her loving nature, bringing with her fertility and abundance. Symbols associated with her are seeds, rabbits and eggs, hence where our Christian-based celebration of Easter comes from.

Ostara asks us to stop for a moment and feel the awakening that is happening within and all around us after our long winter slumber. It asks us to honour our dreams and lay to rest what we no longer want to carry forward. It is a sacred pause before we rush forward so that we can be clear and intentional with what seeds we are planting for the future.

This is a great time to purge what no longer serves us in our physical space, as well as in our mind and our body. You may be drawn to going through your closet or doing a nutritional cleanse. It is a time to get clear on your projects, plans and desires for the next 2 seasons.

Energetically we can support ourselves through this shift, by creating sacred space and moving through ritual in honour of Ostara and the energy she brings.

10 Spring Equinox Activities and Ritual Ideas:

1. Smudge yourself and your home with sacred herbs, such as white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo. 2. Spring Cleaning of your home~ Open the widows and clean home top to bottom. Purge your home of items that your no longer need or use. Clean out your closest. Give things to charity. 3. Bless your seeds that you will be planting in your garden~ Go out and buy your seeds, and say a blessing or prayer over them. You can even charge the seeds with power symbols, sound healing and by placing them on your Spring Altar, until they are ready to be planted. 4. Plant seeds that need to be started inside before being planted outdoors~ Remember to bless them and give thanks for their beauty and nourishment. 5. Create a Spring/Ostara Altar~ Create a springtime altar with items that remind you of spring, growth, fertility, abundance, new beginnings and health and vitality. Set an intention before you create it so you can choose items that will empower the intentions. 6. 'Limpia' Egg Cleansing Ritual~ Posted below!! 7. Burning Ritual to release what no longer serves you. 8. Full Moon Ostara Blessing ~ Connect with the Full Moon in Libra, that peaks on the first day of Spring. Call in the blessings, support and guidance for the new seasons. Set your intentions to what it is that you are calling into your life. 9. Start a 7 to 30 day detox/cleanse for the body ~ eg. Clean Wholefood Eating, Herbal Support and Supplements to support cleansing of Liver, Kidneys, Digestive System...or any body system you feel needs some extra love and support. Consult your holistic healthcare provider for support. And ask your body what it needs at this time of the year. 10. Get outdoors and go for a mindful walk in nature! Take in the changing of the land, the spring flowers, the buds on the trees, the longer and warmer days, the sounds of the birds, the increase in activity of the animals and flowing of the rivers, creeks and streams.

Spring has arrived...are you ready to transition into the new season?

Limpia ~Spiritual Egg Cleansing Ritual

Spiritual egg cleansing is also known as “limpia” in Spanish. It is an ancient spiritual healing practice that was commonly used in Mexico. Though I have experienced the Egg Cleansing Ritual with a Shaman in Peru and have also known this ritual to be used in many ancient and traditional Shamanic Healing Practices around the world. The egg is a symbol of fertility and life. Spiritual cleansing is used to clean the soul, body, and mind from negative energy. It also removes magic spells, bad luck, bad karma, fears, addiction, imbalances, and confusions. It is used to absorb and trap negative energies from your body through it's auras and chakras. It can ease suffering by getting rid of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental blocks that affect the soul. It is a powerful healing ritual and should be done with respect and clear positive intention.

This is a wonderful ritual to do at Ostara or anytime you are starting a new project, adventure or feeling its time to clear old and unhealthy energy from your body, mind and Spirit.

You will need:

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 white candle

  • 1 glass of water (must use glass)

  • Salt

Note- Use non refrigerated eggs, must be at room temp. Take egg out of fridge 4 hrs prior, let sit at room temp. Cleanse egg before using, with salt water. Optional, anoint with blessing oil if your wish.

You may want to ask a friend to do the egg cleansing for you. As it is easier for someone to move the egg around the back of your body.

Steps of Ritual

  • ~Create a sacred space to perform your ritual. You may want to create an altar to set your eggs, glass of water, salt and candle on and have them blessed.

  • ~Call in your guides for support and guidance.

  • ~Light the white candle and let it burn while you do the cleanse. If you can, let it extinguish by itself. Ritual Candles are great for this, as they burn for about 45 min.

  • ~Start cleaning from the top of your head while you ask that all negative energy, and energy that does not belong to you be absorbed by the egg.

  • ~Calmly rub the egg all over your body from head to toe.

  • ~Be careful not to drop or break the egg. Go Slow, with intention and focus.

  • ~If egg happens to break, use the second egg that you have prepared for this ritual.

  • ~Sometimes the egg will break in your hand, because of the built up energy it has absorbed. No need to worry if this happens, just continue with new egg.

  • ~Once you finish, you will break it in the glass with water, so you can look at it through the clear glass.

  • ~Divine the egg messages. Meaning: observe the how the egg reacts in the water. Notice colour, faces, bubbles, spikes, halos, is it clear or milky colour, is there an odour...

  • ~Notice how you feel, your first thoughts, impressions...and write it down.

  • ~To get rid of it, add salt and drop it into the toilet bowl, then let it go with the water.

  • ~Another option is to bury it in the ground or at a crossroads.

  • ~Give thanks to Spirit and the eggs, the chickens and all else that have made this cleansing possible for you.

  • ~Close your sacred space, with gratitude.

Egg Cleansing Meanings

1.Your own personal interpretations of the images of the egg in the water, should be the first ones and the most important messages and guidance for you at this time. Trust your own innate wisdom. Take your time to write down your first impressions.

2. If you see a figure of a person in the yolk, they may be an object of your concern. Their energy you have taken on is now releasing, but be aware of this person in your life and the relationship you have. It may be time to ask if this is a healthy relationship for you. Protection maybe needed.

3. If you can see pointy shapes coming up in the form of nails or needles, they are the envious people who put these negative energies in your way and don’t want you to do well. More clearing may be needed.

4. If a kind of coat covers the yolk, this happens when you feel that someone is constantly bothering you and provoking you, the egg cleanse will cast away the negative energy that they are sending your way.

5. Red and black spots on the yolk can point to diseases. Pay attention to these warnings in your life and in your body.

6. Bubbles, your spirit guides are clearing negative energy from you.

7. Down spikes indicate you have resentment that you have not accepted...and it's time to forgive and let go.

8.Eyes on the egg, the' evil eye' this means that someone is projecting unhealthy energy towards you, thus causing you blockages and discomforts. Further cleansing and protection may be needed. Call in your guides to help with this. Healthy boundaries with this person may need to be placed.

Repeat the egg cleansing ritual when needed.

Ostara Blessings,


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