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Did You Survive the Chaotic Soul Storm?

September is here and Autumn arrives officially on September might be asking what happened to Summer?

Time is speeding up and if you are like me, you might be feeling a bit disconnected about what day of the week it is or even at times where the heck you are in the year?!?!

We have survived the summer eclipse season, Lion's Gate Portal, solar storms, new light coding updates, plus many personal ups and downs within our body, mind and soul. Some moments you may have felt like you have been through a tornado...and not so gracefully spit out into a new world with no guidebook. Left with your inner compass strong and true one moment and then spinning out of control the next.

As I write this, it all sounds fairly chaotic...and it is. But out of this chaotic journey, we are birthing a new story of our Infinite Soul Self.

A wise Sage once said, "Out of chaos comes order." Order of what? is the question.

For me...'Chaos' is a sure sign that big Soul up-leveling is happening!" My advice for navigating these times...Just keep Breathing through the Chaos and get ready to embrace the Order of a new Soul Journey.


15 Ways to Shift Your Energy & Nurture Your Soul 

  1. Reach out for support.

  2. Ask for what you need.

  3. Spend time outside in Nature...and do it a lot!

  4. Give yourself permission to slow down.

  5. Do what brings you JOY. (Have you forgotten what that is? Take 5-10 mins to sit down and write out a list...and post it in your home, where you can see it. Remember to read it. And take action.)

  6. Refresh your meditation practice. (If you don't have one, start with 5 mins of focused breathing IN and OUT. Mindfully relaxing your body, and letting go of excess thoughts. Drop your awareness and breath into your heart space. Call LOVE and Well being. Do this a few times throughout your day.)

  7. Take power naps when needed.

  8. Eat high vibrational foods. It's harvest time. Get out to a local farmer's market or local fresh food stand and buy your vegetables and fruits. While you're at it, grab yourself a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

  9. Go for a walk.

  10. Call a close friend.

  11. Read uplifting books.

  12. Watch something funny and Soul nourishing.

  13. Play Music that uplifts your Spirit.

  14. Dance!

  15. Take a day off for just YOU!!!!


The Harvest Season is Here...

What Will You Be Grateful for?

With the Full Harvest Moon Portal opening on Sept. 10th and peaking on the 13th, it is the perfect time to start thinking and planning on what last bits of old energy is lingering from the summer season and what you will call in as you prepare to step into the Autumn ~ Mabon season.

The land around us is reflecting the time of release, of slowing down and coming into our own soul beauty to celebrate the abundance and harvest of your life.

What will remain after the leaves have dropped? What will remain after you finally shed what has shook free from you during this past Summer season? What has unearthed within your soul? What illusions have been shattered? What truth from your soul is wanting to step forward and be seen? How will you give thanks to gifts that have been revealed? What are you grateful for in your life?

I invite you to join me in Sacred Circle on Thursday Sept. 12th at 7pm at the beautiful 'Retreat House', in the Collingwood/Blue Mountains, where we will honour where we are in this season, connect with the wisdom and medicine of the Full Harvest Moon, be guided to shed what old energy lingers, to receive any new light coding that is coming to support you in aligning with your Infinite Soul and of course CELEBRATE, the harvest season coming upon us.

I hope you will join us. Space is limited for this event...register soon :) Full details about this event and ticket purchase can be found on my website.

September Blessings, ~ Roberta Robbins Sacred Medicine Weaver

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