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Soul Choice~ Love or Abandonment?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Puma Mountain, Sacred Valley, Peru 🌿

On my first visit to Peru, medicine woman, Vilma Pinedo took us to Puma Mtn and guided us through a Cocoa leaf prayer ceremony. She shared wisdom of her journey as a healer, a custodian of the land and Sacred Inca teachings.

The Spirit of the land received us on this journey.

It was a pivotal moment for me, as knew I was letting go of my career in the Healthcare World to step more fully into my spiritual soul path.

I remember coming back home to Canada and to my Registered Massage Therapist role at Scandinave Spa...a place that the owners, staff and other fellow RMTs had become a home...a family and place of peace and rejuvenation...all of it felt foreign.

As I stood there on my first day back, standing outside my treatment, waiting for my client to come out of the room.... EVERYTHING felt surreal. Misplaced. Like I was looking at the surroundings through a smoky veil, into something I could no longer soulfully connect with.

I clearly remember thinking...


Coming back through the portals of Peru and what I heard whispered to me from the land and Spirit...I was called to step into my Sacred medicine. It was time make the journey fully into this Embodiment.

My energetic aware friends later told me that when I returned they could feel and see the transformation radiating from me.

My purpose, my power and wisdom was integrating and shining out in a strong vibration.

We have these moments in life.

Like trail markers.

Some have very clear and power choice markers, asking us to choice. What path will we walk?

Some points are gentle and some a visceral explosion lol

I feel these moments quite soulfully.

The paths may seem as clear as a fork in the you go left or right?

For me, it's more like Spirit/Source is asking...

Do you honour yourself?

Do you love and accept yourself and where you are on your personal journey?

Or do compromise yourself?

Do you need more lessons on a particular path. Is there something you are still wanting to learn and understand on the path you have been walking to this point?

These choice markers are asking...

Will you abandoned yourself?


Love more fully?

~Roberta Robbins

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