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The Journey to healthy habits, not a walk in the park!!!

I have recently started a new way of being with healthier habits. Now being more organized to have these healthy habits has a life of its own. It is something I find I work on all the time...managing my health and wellness, and balancing it with the creative output and energy that is needed for my business. And, of course balancing my personal time, my spiritual practices and my relationships.

What is the right balance?

How do I maintain it?

At the age of 43, where in my life am I now? With my business, my relationship, my personal practice, my spiritual development and my body... what does SHE need?

I can honestly say, that since I hit 40 everything seems to have changed. From being a single independent woman, to a married one and navigating what it truly means to be open and receiving of a healthy and loving relationship. Allowing help, support and nurturing in...was not the easiest.....but WOW, the universe has shown me how blessed I am to finally have a partner who embodies that, is showing me what it is to be in one...and teaching me a new way of being.

Also with a relationship status body has decided it needed to go through an overhaul. Emotionally, Energetically and Physically....gifting me with hormonal changes, emotional weeping and releasing, along with kidney stones... that put me in the hospital in a foreign country. This came with many challenges...even nightmarish experiences, along with the extreme pain I was in already in. Returning back to Canada, only to spend the next 3 months going through lots of tests, surgery, a kidney stent, infections, and pain that I was constantly reminded was the equivalent of labor pain...I can freaking tell you I could believe that!!! My new journey and new way of being had begun.

This is how my 40th birthday week started... FUN... NOT!!!

Of course, within that year I also started changing my career path.

Bring it on...I am a Capricorn... hard choices... tough obstacles...I can taken them. Mr. Saturn has taught me well...and has toughened me over the years. lol

So back to what I was getting to... New healthy habits...not easy.

It's been a journey these past 3 years, finding and creating a new way... a soulfully aligned career, healthy choices, and a new relationship with my forty something body and life.

After my kidney stone (I named him 'Philippe') and my surgery which gave me a temporary kidney stent (aka 'Steve the Stent')... I noticed things needed to change for how to look after my 40 year old body. It wasn't going to be the same as the 30s. It was obvious after 18 months, of trying so many different cleanses, detoxes, new eating plans, all recommended to me by healthcare professionals...that my body didn't like any of them, even ones that my body responded to in my 20s and 30s... and I needed to find my own NEW way. What was I needing for me NOW.

What was my body and intuition telling me.

First, that I was burnt out from trying all these meals plans...for example...vegetarian, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no grains... to Paleo... to Keto... and.... holy many. I would try these for about 3 months at a time...and notice not much change...which just seemed so weird and very stressful...not to mention the energy it takes to follow these plans. Then I just needed a break. I was DONE! That was what my body was saying. REST!!!

I could hear my inner wisdom and the knowledge I had that was saying you just need to do what's best for your body...easy, whole, complete, nutritious foods. Reduce the stress and pressure. Reduce the things that cause inflammation and keep things simple. Listen to yourself...not everyone else out there saying you've got to eat this way...and exercise that way...etc.

So right now, things that I am sinking into are:

~ I hired a personal trainer: my focus...strengthen my body and lose weight.

~ I enrolled in the 'Precision Nutrition' Online program, which is reviewed by my personal trainer, who is also a nutritionist.

~ I have also enrolled in the 'Enchanted Eating' online program...where I will create a spiritual and magical relationship with my food, and it's essence. (That SO speaks to me)

We recently went to a 2 hr workshop to 'Get The Sugar Out'. A nice refresher, to get me inspired and refocused. Plus new recipes always help.

With all of these choices lately, I remind myself to take the info that feels right to me. I have to work with my personal trainer and communicate what I need. Receive what her knowledge is, take what works for me...and speak up when it doesn't. I know what is best for me. I have gotten to a place in life that I'm not willing to throw that personal wisdom and power away...or to be pressured or power tripped into doing something that isn't aligned for me.

Being able to hold walk this due to my personal spiritual life and sacred practices.

Coming from a healthcare profession as a RMT and a life coach, personal trainer, nutrition and wellness background walking, breathing and living these last 43 has all offered a lot of wisdom. But of course we are never done learning and growing. And we all need support and guidance form others.

I share part of my journey with you, because I know so many of us are on the same path. We have struggles, we feel frustrated and feel like a failure at times when navigating this wellness journey.

We are always changing...and sometimes it's downright uncomfortable and draining. We can't give up. Yes, we need to pause, rest and recharge at times, but we always get back up and get going!!!

We are COMPLEX SPIRITUAL BEINGS....and each so unique. We can't live by the cookie cutter methods.

So what is your journey?

What wisdom and experiences do you have within?

Do you take the time to still yourself and listen to that wisdom?

Do you take action to integrate and embody it?

May 2019 be a year of more self love, wellness and soulful relationships.

Stay tuned for a future blog on some of the delicious recipes I've discovered!!!

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