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As I sit with my morning tea and reading another Nora Roberts Trilogy...(and of course it's placed in Ireland), the question was posed in fae life about not having weekends.

Meaning all days are equal and fair. There is no good day or bad day. Friday is no better than a Monday. A Day is a Day, uniquely beautiful onto itself.

And that got me thinking about how this is another example of how conditioned we are in society. Weekends to me feel like a childhood/teenager thing. I have spent most of my adult life, not having weekends off. It had been like that because of jobs of being a server, a mental and wellness counselor and a career as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Weekends??? What was that?

These days I have more personal choice of rest, play and adventure on these so called weekends.

I've been unwinding and rewilding back to my own sacred rhythms for 6 years now. Unwinding the busyness. Healing and rewiring from a soul fatigue from so many things.

Being a solo entrepreneur for over 20 yrs has its challenges. But I wouldn't change that....but I have learnt that I have the power and choice of how I navigate my TIME, with a deeper understanding of what is well, nourishing and soulfully supportive for me.

Fighting a misalignment is exhausting. Even a fight of and for TIME is draining.

But what I have found is that trying to fit into society's structures...stresses the body, mind and soul.

Yet so many do this TIME JAIL life....because of the conditioning man made TIME CONCEPTS.

Yet, I can feel that society is still holding on to old structures....while the body and mind resist against with the actual new TIMELINES, TIMELESSNESS and COLLAPSING MAN MADE STRUCTURES.

With TIME and TIMELINES shifting and changing very rapidly, we are being asked to release these confinement of TIME.

Did I say we are asked to release??? No we don't have a choice as it is already so...but we hold on.

What we let go of these TIME FRAMEWORKS created by man, by the old concept of 9-5 weekday jobs and rest and play on weekends.

What if we let go? What if we open up and ask ourselves what our own sacred rhythms are? What if we release the work hard... push push push... go...go...go? And we create a beautiful new blend of being in the moment of work...creativity... What if we are a timeless tapestry of it all? What would that look and feel like?

What if we remember we are SPIRIT, and we are TIMELESS? We are LIMITLESS and are bigger than TIME and MAN.

Let go of waiting for weekends...whether they fall on those called calendar man made approved weekends or the ones you have created.

TIME is shifting moving you into TIMELESSNESS... We are returning to back to ZERO POINT.

Will you fight the current of time....or flow with something more bigger than it? Can you lean into the peace of the unknown possibilities of your life? ~Roberta Robbins

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