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You Are The Channel

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Join Athena Seye and Roberta Robbins in this 7-week journey you will learn how to fully step into your abilities as a Clear Channel of Divinity. -Learn to acknowledge & move resistance in the body to open energetic pathways for the flow of intuitive information to enter. -Expand your healing abilities for personal and professional use. Knowledge is a powerful tool to help yourself and others clear out the old structures so you can fully step into your divine purpose. -Enjoy somatic sensory experiences as you learn to connect with the angels, masters and cosmic beings of love light. -Access high level wisdom teachings from your soul guidance team -Gain greater understanding of your soul language -Gather in sacred ceremony as the vessel of cosmic wisdom to flow through you bringing high level oracular messages forward for the community. -Receive weekly rituals to expand your channeling abilities. -Get real life practice in the safety of the group field. Live Zooms with Athena and Roberta calls start January 16th, 2024 at 7pm est. And will continue for 7 consecutive Tuesdays, last class being on February 27th. Zoom Calls are approx. 90 mins. All recording replays and material will be uploaded within 24hrs of weekly call. You can take this program with us during these times to get extra support or on your own, at your own pace. We highly recommend, if you can to join us for the calls, for extra support.

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