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Intuitive Soul Astrology {Winter 2023}

Feb 20, 2023 - Apr 28, 2023

  • 68Days
  • 36Steps


Intuitive Soul Astrology offers a step by step approach to understanding your natal astrology chart. You will gain a deeper wisdom of your astrological archetypes, your sacred medicine and how to show up and embody it in everyday life. You will learn how to navigate the sacred rhythms of the cosmic wheel and how to support your friends, family & clients with their own natal chart. We will also look at Moon Wisdom, Eclipses and Portals. Astrology offers insight into your unique soul gifts, personality, career, relationships, love and wellbeing. You came into this world with your own cosmic coding that can help you understand your purpose and journey in this life. It can deepen your understanding of your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic well being. Join your teacher and mentor, Roberta Robbins for 6 weekly teaching portals, along with Nancy Read for Friday's mentoring calls. Program Flow>>> ~The Language and Wisdom of Astrology, Natal Chart and Navigation ~Zodiac Signs and their Gatekeepers & Wisdom Holders ~Natal Houses and Your Chart ~Planets and their Medicine ~Moon Cycles, Eclipses & Portals ~Cosmic Codes/Reports & Weaving the Wisdom > Master Your Intuitive Astrology Language. Each Portal is approx. 90 min Program includes: Weekly Portal Teachings Zoom Calls PDFs Mentoring Calls FB Community and Program Forum Your Program Member's Portal opens Monday Feb. 20th. First Group Call is Wed. Feb. 22nd. Weekly Online Zoom Calls, every Wednesday at 6pm est.

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