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Water & Fire ~ {Litha to Samhain Season}
4 month Soul Activation Journey Starts June 27th 2023

The Feel....
'Water & Fire' Soul Activation Journey
Dive Into Your Soul's Abyss
Drink Deeply from Your Inner Well

Release the Illusions
Step out o
f the Matrix
Reclaim You Sacred Soul Truth
Embody Your
Soul Integrity
Embrace Your Sac
red Wisdom
Activate Your Soul Light Frequencies

The next evolution of the Lightworker

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Join Roberta Robbins on Monday June 26th at 4pm pdt / 7pm edt for another SoulASCEND Info Call and some deep soul conversations.

This call is for those that are spiritual leaders, mentors, guides, healers and coaches...that are living a heart and soul aligned path. For those that value soul integrity, self responsibility, wisdom, truth and freedom. For those that seek to connect with other spiritual entrepreneurs that are open to creating a deeper and higher frequency of connecting, collaborating and supporting each other.

Join me for open, authentic and healing conversation for moving through and healing loss, greif, disappointment.

Let's invite in a new path and step into a collective circle together to nutritious our ideas, dreams and vision of a better future.

Let's SoulASCEND together.

Zoom Link >>

Meeting ID: 873 7641 7428

~Roberta Robbins

The next evolution of the Lightworker

Who this SoulASCEND Journey is for...

For those that are already an active healer, teacher, mentoring, spirit guide and wayshower...(and all the 3D names we give this calling)
You know there is something BIGGER coming our way.
You KNOW we are are in it the front lines...walking the unseen step at a time in this here and now moment.
You KNOW we are needing to strengthen our faith and trust in the UNKNOWN and Spirit/Source/God/Divine/Universe...THE ALL, including ourselves.
You know we are in the time of the GREAT UNDOING.
You know you are here for a reason, a purpose and as a sacred warrior of LIGHT for the NEW Paradigm.
YOU KNOW YOU MATTER in this rebuilding.
YOU KNOW 'WE" must do better, be better and come together for this next journey.
You want to know there are others like you.
You desire to connect, create and collaborate with like minded souls to collective work together to for a more healthy, whole and loving world.

You are here for a reason & it's time to share your wisdom!

How you will be supported & guided...

With creating and holding a sacred space for our to be raw, heart open, soul-authentic and safe to discuss this new journey we are in and how we will step forth together to be better spiritual guides, entrepreneurs and sacred soul weaver women.
You can consider our calls the next Higher Octave of Sacred Women Wisdom Circle +Healing & Activations.

My devotion to you...

I will guide you through unique journeys, activations and rituals to empower you for the next evolution of

your soul path.
I will share with you the visions, the downloads and messages I have received and continue to receive.
I will support and offer you tools and techniques to step into your own wisdom and messages.
I will share with you the techniques and light technologies that are being revealed to us.
I will share and teach you how I use these for myself, others, nature, land and sacred sites.
I will teach you about PORTALs that are right here...all around you that can be used for transportation and sacred journeys and doorways to connect with other high frequency light beings and guides.
I will guide you one opening up and strengthening your Cosmic Earth Bridge.

You are here for a reason & it's time to share your wisdom!

The SoulASCEND program flow...

9 zoom calls... every other tuesdays, starting June 27th @6pm edt {1.5-2hrs each}
All calls recorded and sent to you.

Calls include...

~3-6-9 Soul Activation Techniques (clear-align-activate) = 'SoulASCEND Method'
~3 Sacred Seasonal Rituals to work with...Litha, Lunasa and Mabon.
~1 Sacred SoulASCEND opening the Portal
~1 Closing Ritual of Water & Fire
~1 Opening the Doorway to prepare to walk into Samhain season.

Call format...

~Open of the Sacred Space and Call-In
~Collective Check-in and Member Medicine Share
~Spiritual Mentoring and Wisdom Share
~SoulASCEND Method training and applied practice
~Ritual and/or Journey
~Collective Channeled Messages
~Closing of Sacred Space

Your personal devotional practice...

~Time to practice the 'SoulASCEND Method'
~Sacred Writing/Journaling
~Sacred practice of meditation, channeling and divination.

Other collective wisdom shares & bonuses...

~Weaving a new world together rituals

~collective channelling practices and healing techniques

~guest teachers spotlights

~personal one-on-one 45 min mentoring session w/ Roberta (during midpoint of SoulASCEND)


There is two ways to register for this via my event page

or my through my online programs at


Payment plan options are available through the online program link!!
Please reach out if you need to make another financial plan. Sliding Scale & other approved participation options are available.

Is Your Soul Calling You to ASCEND?
Are YOU Ready?

May the Summer Solstice Sun shine brightly upon you...washing away the past year's trials

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Meet Your Guide, Teacher and Mentor

Roberta Robbins

Roberta Autumn 2022.jpeg

Roberta has been a visionary leader, teacher, healer & spiritual coach, mentor of the mystical & esoteric arts for over 25 years. Her passion is to create sacred spaces and experiences to help others remember their sacred wisdom and truth, from the origins of their Soul. 


Roberta has been a seeker of various esoteric and mystic traditions for most of her life. She offers teachings and trainings in Intuitive Soul Astrology, Soul Language & Channeling, Modern Day and Cross Cultural Shamanism, Celtic Earth Traditions, Quantum Healing & Meditation and Numerology. As well as a variety of Divination Methodologies, such as Tarot, Plant & Elemental Medicine and Soul Journeying.


We are all powerful & wise healers, teachers & guides. We are all at various stages of our personal journey... Roberta offers the support, clarity and guidance to help you embody your Sacred Wisdom

on your Soul's Journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Roberta at

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