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Awaken To Your Sovereignty

I read a post today about the grief, the loneliness, the anger...all the emotions that arise with awakening to truth and breaking through illusions.

The loss of friends, family and community. The pain...yes the PAIN, of it all.

It spoke volumes to my Heart and Soul and how I am feeling most of these days. Yet, I am made for these times. Hell, I've been in training my whole F@&king life for this! I do not exaggerate when I say this.

If you know me well, you know the truth and depths of my walk...of my Path...of my Soul Journey.

Yet, some days, I need a lovely boost and reminder of this. This morning I woke up feeling the heaviness of my heart and the collective. I often find the mornings and sometimes the middle of the night ...feeling the collective heartache, the darkness, the sadness and is so palpable.

This is not a new awakening for me, yet my heart breaks of continuously having to walk this kind of path, witnessing this BS in humanity.

Witnessing friends, family, clients and parts of the human race...that do not see and are willing to outcast, shame and blame. Yet, also some just don't know what to do or how to reach out. Is it safe to even speak, react or ask for help these days?

Holy shit!!! Seriously, this is part of the problem. Isn't it?!!!

People are afraid. Do you see?

People are hiding within themselves, their homes, prisoner to moments of panic attacks and grieving tears.

F@&king scary stuff these days. (And it's just the beginning.)

People may not be hiding in caves, under floorboards or fleeing their home or their country for their lives (yet) but do you SEE?

It's about power...and who wants it. Who has it and who is on the bottom of their foot. And the craziness is, some think that being pinned down on the bottom of their foot is the safest place to be!!!!

Or is it that some feel they don't deserve or have the right for more? Another scary and heartbreaking thought and possibility.

It has ALWAYS been a game of power....since the beginning of time.

We are now, once again, living in a time to change the course of history.


Yet you don't know where your personal power is? Maybe you don't understand what SOVEREIGNTY is?

I can tell you, it is WITHIN just might be hiding too. And there are many reasons for this..and NONE to blame or shame yourself for.

Yet, your power, your truth, your wisdom, your there... within you. It needs your love and a fierce brave heart to befriend it. There are people that can support you with this inner relationship, like myself and like many, many others that have been walking this path. Training for these times. Light holders and Wayshowers.

And here is another tip....'Wayshowers' are not about showing you a path to walk. (If they are, maybe RUN the other way and run in the direction of YOU.) 'Wayshowers' are shining the light and supporting you to return to your own Path, to your truth, to your light. Though it feels tiresome and lonely....I know we are many. Of this world and beyond. We signed up for this. I keep reminding myself of this. I remind myself often what I have already walked through in this life. It just had other faces and storylines to them. I remind myself of my Sovereignty and how I choose to embody this.

Yet, I need a talk with myself on days that feel extra heavy and dark.

I also ask myself, 'What's different about myself and my strength this time around? What have I gained? What do I know now? What do I stand for? Who are my friends and allies around me who walk this path with me?'

I remind myself, there are many more of us than there were before... Many, many, many more.

Trust that. Have faith in that. Have trust and faith in yourself. I still go to Spirit and Source realms for support and guidance. Actually, they show up more and more for me in this realm too. I am reminded I am not alone and nor are any of us. I am reminded I have very close and dear friends that speak and hold the same truth and integrity that I do.

I see them and I witness them too. I am so very grateful for them. I am grateful for myself. I am proud of my hard as it is in these times.

My integrity, my wisdom, my soul...won't back down. It never has in this life and nor will it now.

I love you all.

I know it's hard out there and within...

I hope you find the inner sanctuary of Sovereignty within you...

May it be your safe haven...

May it be your place of rest and stillness from the world...

May you share this wisdom of your heart with others that are seeking to embody their sovereign heart.

~Roberta Robbins

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