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Lughnasadh~ Soul's Harvest

Lughnasadh (loo-nas-sa) ~Lúnasa ~ Lammas

The Wheel of the Year turns once more. The harvesting season begins... Mother Earth is offering her bounty...

What seeds of your personal harvest are you reaping?

The days are getting shorter... The cool evenings whisper to us that autumn is on its way. Take time to reflect of your journey since last Samhain...(Late October)... What have learned...what have you gained...what have you embraced and what have you left behind?

Activities to celebrate Lúnasa

~bonfire to honour Sun God Lugh ~harvest your gardens of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs and remember to give thanks for there beauty, nourishment and bounty

~give thanks for all the abundance in your life ~go play in nature ~create a bouquets of seasonal flowers for your home and also gift to friends ~journal about your personal harvest...what are you grateful for...what gifts do you now embody ~make a Lúnasa salad of fresh vegetables, fruit and edible flowers ~spend time giving thanks to the help provide nourishment.... the sun (fire), soil (earth), rain (water) and wind (air). ~create a Lughnasadh altar ~make corn dollies ~bake bread and share with friends ~create a and wear a flower crown to honour the our divinity and your relationship with mother earth ~make an infused rose, lavender and violet water or oil blend to use for ritual and anointing

There are many ways to celebrate this Harvest Festival.

I would love to hear how you are celebrating? ~Roberta Robbins

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